Kazakhstan. Precipitation hampers spring planting but favors winter crops


In late April above-zero average air temperatures (+ 12-16ºС) were registered in the south and south-east of Kazakhstan, where winter wheat is cultivated. Precipitation rates were above normal in piedmont and mountainous areas and approximately normal or below normal in the rest of the region. This favored growth and development of winter wheat.

Winter wheat is primarily in good and excellent. Its current development is at the stages of three leaves and lower stem node. Farmers have started treating winter wheat with herbicides against weeds, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Spring field work is under way everywhere in the south of the country; even sprouts of spring cereals have emerged in some areas. The development stage varies from three leaves to tillering, crop condition is good. Completion of planting was somewhat hampered by precipitation.

In South-Kazakhstan region, corn planting is going on, early-seeded crops are at the stages from emergence to three leaves, plant condition is good.

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