Kazakhstan setting new export records following Russia


In 2017, Kazakhstan harvested one of its heaviest grain crops since 2011 that enhanced the country’s export potential appreciably. At the same time, despite persistently intensifying competition from Russia’s grain market, the current season, unlike the previous one, did see a noticeable rise in Kazakh grain shipments to foreign markets, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In the first seven months of the 2017/18 season (September-March), total grain exports from Kazakhstan, including flour in grain equivalent, were up 31% year-on-year. The greatest export growth is reported in the market of barley owing to a bumper crop.

Regarding the prospects for the new crop, Kazakh growers are going to further increase coarse grain plantings. According to UkrAgroConsult estimates, Kazakhstan’s barley-planted area for the 2018 harvest may expand by another 50-100 Th ha.

Regarding the country’s main cereal crop, i.e. wheat, Kazakh farmers intend to continue reducing its planted acreage in favor of oil crops because the latter are more profitable to grow.

In the current 2017/18 season, according to UkrAgroConsult’s estimates, Kazakh wheat exports are quite likely to hit a 6-year high. This will be contributed to by stronger demand for imported wheat from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan along with higher purchases of Kazakh wheat by Turkey.

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