Kazakhstan. Wheat bran exports grew by 16%


Wheat bran exports from Kazakhstan in February 2018 were up 16% on the month at 28.4 KMT (24.5 KMT in January 2018). In addition, they were twice as high as in February 2017 (14.2 KMT).

Wheat bran exports from Kazakhstan increased 16% in the first six months of MY 2017/18 МГ (September-February) against the same period last season (121.4 KMT and 104.8 KMT, respectively), reports UkrAgroConsult.

The main buyers of wheat bran traditionally include Asian neighboring countries, such as Uzbekistan, Iran, China, Turkey and Tadjikistan.

The largest consumer of Kazakh wheat bran is Uzbekistan with an export share of 79%. The nearby Asian countries Iran, China and Turkey continue steadily importing this commodity from Kazakhstan.

UkrAgroConsult notes that the country exported 192 KMT of wheat bran in MY 2016/17 МГ that was up 5.7% from the previous season.

It should be pointed out that the increase in Kazakh wheat bran shipments to foreign markets is accompanied by growth in flour exports. The latter in the first half of MY 2017/18 (September-February) were up 12% on the year at 1371 KMT versus 1226 KMT in September-February 2016/17.



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