Kazakhstan will reduce wheat plantings by 2.7% in 2017


According to the Ag Ministry of Kazakhstan, it is projected to sow an area of almost 22 Ml ha to crops in Kazakhstan in 2017 – up 311 Th ha from 2016.

Spring plantings will total 18.5 Ml ha. The difference is on account of winter crops and fallows. Under a new State Program, measures for plantings diversification are being taken to saturate the domestic market with Kazakh produce, increase workload of processing and compound feed facilities and improve the provision of the livestock sector with feeds, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Planted area of fodder-grain crops (barley, oats, corn for grain, peas, chick-pea) will be increased by 206 Th ha. At the same time, farmers will sow 32 Th ha more groats, 60 Th ha more oil crops, 593 Th ha more feed crops and 7 Th ha more sugar beet.

Planted acreage of water-consuming crops shrinks, including a drop in rice by almost 2 Th ha, in cotton by 4.6 Th ha and in wheat by 338 Th ha. In total, more than 15 Ml ha will be allocated to grain crops, including about 12 Ml ha of wheat.

As a reminder, cereal plantings totaled 15.3 Ml ha in 2016, including over 12.4 Ml ha of wheat.



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