Kazakhstan’s wheat exports hit a three-year high this season


Kazakh wheat exports continued expanding in October of the current marketing year. So, Kazakhstan exported 452.8 KMT of wheat in the second month of the season that is up 40% from October 2015.

According to UkrAgroConsult data, in the first two months of 2016/17, Kazakhstan exported 38.7 percent more wheat than at the same time a year ago – 808 KMT, which is a three-year high.

The share of Kazakh wheat’s key export destinations – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan – expanded to almost 90 percent in the first months of the season (from 74 percent in 2015/16). Additionally, Kazakh exporters continue active wheat deliveries to China: as much as 26 KMT went there for the two months against 7.4 KMT in September/October 2015.  

EU countries revived wheat imports from Kazakhstan earlier than usual, this concerns mostly Italy.

In October, purchases of Kazakh wheat by Italians hit a decade high at 34.3 KMT. Last time, that significant amount of Kazakh wheat was exported to this market back in December 2007 (48.1 KMT).

UkrAgroConsult expects Kazakhstan to further boost wheat supplies to the EU market this season thanks to a greater need of the European Union specifically for high-protein wheat in 2016/17.



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