Kernel boosting revenues from sunoil sales


Kernel Holding got USD 369.9 Ml of revenues from sunoil sales in July-September of FY 2018.

In particular, the company’s revenue from sales of bulk sunoil increased 2.2 times to USD 334.3 Ml and that from sales of bottled sunoil grew 1.5 times to USD 35.6 Ml.

At the same time, Kernel earned USD 149.2 Ml from grain exports (down 25.3% year-on-year).

As a reminder, Kernel is a vertically integrated company operating in Ukraine’s agro-industrial sector since 1994. It produces sunoil, sells it in bottles within the country under the brands Schedry Dar, Stozhar, Chumak Zolota, exports sunoil and grains, and provides grain and oilseed silo storage services. The Group comprises Poltava, Prykolotne and Vovchansk oil extractors.




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