Latvia’s Dobeles Dzirnavnieks grain processing company plans to increase exports to Scandinavia


Latvia’s Dobeles Dzirnavnieks grain processing company in the future plans to increase exports to Scandinavia, the company’s board chairman Kristaps Amsils told LETA.

"This year and next year we will continue to focus on our new products with higher added value. At present we are already exporting to the Nordic countries – Denmark, Sweden and Finland. Our sales volumes are growing and we see a perspective there," he said, adding that exports to Scandinavia will be increased.

In his words, Dobeles Dzirnavnieks is not yet selling its products in Norway, but is working on it. "I think it is just a matter of time. The Scandinavians are somewhat conservative. They are not waiting for us with open doors," he said.

Amsils said that flakes made in the new plant are already on their way to other European countries, including to such atypical market as Greece. "Habits change also in these countries and people start using grain flakes," he said.

As reported, a new cereal plant launched by Dobeles Dzirnavnieks grain mill will enable the company to increase grain processing by about 10% to 220,000 tons a year. Total investments in the project reached EUR 6.4 mln, a part of which was raised from the European Regional Development Fund.

Dobeles Dzirnavnieks last year generated EUR 98.507 mln in sales, up 27% from a year ago, while the company's profit declined 3.6 times to EUR 1.14 mln. The company exported 60% of its output.

Dobeles Dzirnavnieks, founded in 1994, has a share capital of EUR 3.78 mln, and employs 196 people. Since 2008 the company’s owner is Estonian company Tartu Mill.

The main business operations of Dobeles Dzirnavnieks include storage and processing of grain and grain products, production of all types of flour and flour mixtures, production of manna, pearl barley, food grade bran, processing of buckwheat, packing of food products, wholesale, retail sales and supply of fodder in the whole territory of Latvia.


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