Latvian farmers will receive 8.7 million euros of subsidies


The farmers of Latvia will receive this year 8.7 million Euro under the program "State support of agriculture and rural development", reports LETA

The government will consider rules for the provision of support 21 Feb. As reported by benzamidine, livestock development under this program has provided 5.8 million euros, crop – 614,5 million euros, the international and mutual cooperation of agricultural organizations 701,9 thousand euros, for the development of agricultural market – 354,5 thousand euros to the national quality control of food products – 479,65 thousand euros, to Finance pre – existing support measures- 786,4 million euros, breeding work in the pig – 110,8 thousand euros.

May obtain funding, both physical and legal persons engaged in agricultural production. About 4500 people, two scientific agencies, 15 organizations breeding animals and nine non-governmental organizations of farmers.

In 2018 and 2019, according to the program "State support of agriculture and rural development" subsidies for farmers is also planned in the amount of 8.7 million Euro annually.


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