Mexico. Exports: Avocados is more lucrative than oil


In Mexico, according to official data, exports of avocados in 2016 were far more profitable than exports of oil and petroleum products.

Exports of avocados reported a surplus of $ 2.2 billion, while exports of oil and petroleum products had a deficit of $ 13.1 billion.
The avocado sector plans to further increase exports to Japan, China, Canada and the European Union, as well as to other countries. Especially the countries of the Arabian Peninsula where air freight links will have to be set up, because shipments by sea are too long (40 days).
APEM, the Association of Producers and Exporters of Avocados, estimates that Mexico will export more than 900,000 tons of avocado to the United States, 52,000 tons in Japan and 20,000 tons of avocado to China in this cycle of Harvest, which runs from June 2016 to July 2017.


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