Ministry of Finance proposes to revise the minimal alcohol prices


The Ministry of Finance engages the public to discuss changes to the minimal alcohol prices.

The current minimal prices are not in line with the actual costs of companies producing and selling alcoholic drinks (both the spirit price and the excise tax rate have increased since the introduction of the minimal prices). This entails the review of the minimal alcohol price. Also, the current minimal prices cannot prevent the sale of illegal alcohol which affects the health of the nation.

This is the reason why the Ministry of Finance proposes to adjust the minimal alcohol price to the current market level.

The proposed minimal prices are actually in line with the average price currently present at the market representing legal producers, wholesale and retail companies. They should also significantly reduce the profitability of illegal producers who do not care about quality. Thus, Ukrainian citizens will be motivated to buy alcoholic drinks of higher quality.

As a result, the Ministry of Finance presents the draft of the relevant decree for a public discussion. The public opinion in this matter is very important for the Ministry.


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