Minsk getting ready to duscuss with EU joining WTO — diplomat


Belarus is getting prepared to hold talks with the European Union in December-January on matters of joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), Belarus’ Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg and its Permanent Representative to the European Union and NATO Alexander Mikhnevich said on Monday.

"They are ready to sit down at a negotiating table with us in December-January," he said, adding that it is a "positive signal" that the negotiating process "is embarking on a concrete tack."

According to Mikhnevich, "very good meetings" on Belarus’ joining the World Trade Organization have been recently held in Geneva. "They pointed to concrete technical drawbacks that are to be corrected. Nothing political," he said.

Touching on a visit to Belarus by a delegation from the Political and Security Committee of the European Union’s Council, the Belarusian diplomat stressed the importance of such dialogue. "This committee includes representatives from all countries of the European Union and it pushes the EU heads of state, foreign ministers and sectoral ministers towards concrete decisions," Mikhnevich said. "They came to see the atmosphere in the country, to hear from the head of state about how relations with the European Union will develop further, which plans we are working on, and to voice their concerns."


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