Moldova. Fair weather conditions for growth and development of winter crops


Warmer-than-usual weather with precipitation shortfalls dominated the country on November 6-12. The average weekly air temperature in Moldova was +5..+8.5°С, or 1.5-2°С above normal.

The highest and lowest air temperatures over the country were registered at +16°С and 0°С, respectively.

Most of the country received 1-6 mm of precipitation over the week (10-65% of normal). Its northern areas received 8-12 mm (85-135% of normal).

In most areas, winter wheat was at the emergence and three-leaf stages, locally at early tillering, reports UkrAgroConsult. Productive topsoil moisture content available to winter crops was at 90-145% of normal as of November 8.

Its content was at most 55-70% of normal in the southern half of Moldova. The one-meter soil layer contained mainly 85-125% of the normal amount of productive moisture, locally 40-70 mm (55-75% of normal).

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