Moldova. Fair winter conditions for crops


Diverse temperatures and precipitation were observed in the country on December 11-20. The average air temperature at the time was +1.1..+3.7°С, or 3.0-4.0°С above normal. This occurs on average once per 5-7 years. 90% of the territory received 7-21 mm of precipitation at the time (100-200% of normal for these ten days). It even amounted to 27 mm in some localities (300% of normal). In the rest of the country, precipitation rates totaled at most 3-6 mm (30-60% of normal for the ten days).

This period was 3-4°С warmer than the same in 2016 and featured higher precipitation rates (up 5-15 mm). A similar temperature pattern was seen in 2015. Winter crops were mostly dormant on December 11-20; they only grew slowly in the daytime on some days.

Towards the end of this time, winter crops were covered mainly with 1-15 cm of snow; the fields were free of snow in some southern areas. At the time, soil temperature at the tillering node depth (3 cm) in winter crops  lowered to -1..+2°С that is far above its critical level (-15°С).As of December 20, the soil was only frozen to a 1-4-cm depth in single areas. It was melted in the rest of the country. The winter conditions were fair for crops.




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