Moldova. Hot and dry weather adversely impacts crop development


Hot weather with precipitation shortages was seen in the country from July 31 till August 6. The average weekly air temperature was primarily within +25.7..+28.8ºС, i.e. 4.5-7.5ºС above normal. The highest air temperature was registered at 39.2ºС.

Precipitation occurred late in the week, mostly in the form of downpours. It totaled 1-7 mm (10-65% of normal weekly rates) in 60% of Moldova, while some places remained rain-free. Precipitation in the rest of the country amounted to 10-35 mm (100-300% of weekly normal). Hot, dry weather that persisted over the week had an adverse impact on crop development, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Milky ripeness was seen in corn this past week. Sunflower was primarily at the ripening stage, though its flowering locally continued.

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