Moldova. Minimum soil temperature at the tillering node depth was above its critical level


Mixed weather temperature regime dominated the country on March 4-11 with lack of precipitation. The average weekly air temperature was at 1-3º С above normal and varied within +2..+5ºС. The lowest air temperature was registered at -16ºС.

Over the week, precipitation was seen mostly in the form of snow and sleet. Its total weekly rates were mainly within 1-5 mm (10-65% of normal amounts) and 6-11 mm in the rest of the territory (75-180% of weekly normal).

Snow height at weather stations equaled mostly 7-19 cm and in southern regions 1-5 cm. By the end of the reporting period snow cover had melted completely. Winter crops are in the state of dormancy. Over the week, the lowest soil temperature registered at the tillering node depth of winter crops (3 cm) was -1..-3ºС, i.e. above the critical level of -15ºС. 

The conditions were fair for winter crops, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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