Moldova. Sunflower plants continued developing heads


Hot rainy weather dominated the country. The average weekly air temperature was +23..+26ºС, or 4-5ºС above normal. The highest air temperature reached +37ºС.

In total, 85% of Moldova’s area received mainly 13-59 mm of precipitation (80-345% of normal), while the rest of the country got 4-9 mm (20-60% of normal). The weather conditions over the week were primarily fair for crop growth and development.

Winter crops were at waxy ripeness in most of Moldova, even at full ripeness in some areas. As of June 28, the one-meter soil layer in winter crop plantings contained mostly 75-145% of normal productive moisture supply, locally 20-70% of its normal. Spring barley crops were at waxy ripeness.

Leaf formation continued in corn plants. Toward the weekend, they already had mostly 13-19 leaves, 9-11 leaves in some fields. The 0-50-cm soil layer in corn fields had 80-150% of normal productive moisture content. This percentage was 35-55% in some areas (mainly in the north), or 20-30 mm, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Sunflower plants continued developing heads in most of the country, even started flowering in some areas. Productive moisture content in the 0-50-cm soil layer in sunflower fields amounted mostly to 15-30 mm (25-60% of normal), locally to 35-70 mm (80-135% of normal).

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