Moldova: torrential rains replenished soil moisture content


The July 24-30 weather in the country was mainly warmer than usual and brought significant precipitation amounts.

The average weekly air temperature was primarily 1-1.5ºС above normal, at +20..+23.5ºС.

The maximum air temperature was registered 35ºС.

Over the week, precipitation occurred mostly in the form of downpours. 70% of the country, mainly its southern and central areas, got predominantly 35-75 mm of precipitation (50-100% of monthly normal), locally 85-107 mm (145-200% of monthly normal) at the time. The rest of the country, mostly the north, received at most 10-25 mm of precipitation, or 10-35% of monthly normal.

Heavy rains, locally with thunderstorm and hail, caused damages of crops. These rains delayed the grain harvest completion, but considerably replenished soil moisture content and improved conditions for plant growth and development.

Corn was mainly at the silking stage this past week. Flowering and head growth continued in sunflower plants.




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