Moldova. Uneven precipitation over the week


The country was exposed to diverse temperatures from August 21-27. The average weekly air temperature was primarily at +18.4..+21ºС, or up 0.5-2ºС from its normal level. The highest air temperature was registered at +36ºС.

Uneven precipitation occurred across Moldova over the week. 50% of the country received primarily 1-6 mm of precipitation at the time (7-60% of weekly normal). Its rates locally reached 9-15 mm (10% of area) that equals 70-135% of the weekly normal. Rain that fell in some areas early in the week improved corn and sunflower growing conditions, as well as those for tillage before planting winter crops.

Corn was at wax ripeness, locally at full ripeness. Sunflower plants were mostly at the ripening stage, reports UkrAgroConsult.




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