Moldova. Warmer-than-usual, mostly dry weather was observed in the country


Warmer-than-usual, mostly dry weather was observed in the country. The average weekly air temperature was at +19.2..+21.2ºС, or 2-3ºС above normal UkrAgroConsult informs. The lowest air temperature was registered at +8ºС (the weather stations of Soroca, Kamenka, Bravicea, Codrii, Bălţata, Ceadîr Lunga).

Precipitation occurred in 30% of the country over the week. Its rates totaled primarily 1-7 mm (5-40% of normal), up to 12-15 mm (75-95% of normal) in some places. No precipitation was seen in the rest of Moldova.

Throughout the week, the weather was mostly favorable for crop growth and development.

At the time, winter crops were at the stage of flowering, though they continued heading in some areas. Corn plants continued to develop leaves, в течение недели сформировался the 5-7th lea-й лист, even the 9th leaf in some fields. Crops of later planting dates proceeded to the three-leaf stage. Spring barley kept heading. Sunflower plants continued developing next leaves, even inflorescences emerged in some fields.




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