Moldova. Weather conditions are satisfactory for crop growth and development


The weather in Moldova was colder and drier than usual. The average weekly air temperature over the country was +15..+16.5ºC, or 0.5-1.5 ºC below normal.

Frosts of down to -1°С at 2 cm above the ground were registered in some areas on May 18.

Over the country, weekly precipitation totaled mostly 1-6 mm (10-50% of normal). Winter crops were still at the stage of the lower stem node, even at heading in some areas.

As of May 18, productive moisture content in the 0-50-cm soil horizon in winter crops amounted mainly to 40-70 mm (85-140% of normal). The one-meter soil horizon contained primarily 85-175 mm (100-160% of normal), or 65-75 mm (80-85% of normal) in some areas.

Corn plants were still at the emergence and three-leaf stages. In corn plantings, the top soil contained 25-40 mm of productive moisture (90-150% of normal), while the one-meter layer had 110-170 mm (100-140% of normal).

Sunflower plants were still at the stage of the second pair of true leaves, occasionally at the emergence. 20-40 mm (75-135% of normal) of productive moisture was available to sunflower in the top soil, while the one-meter layer contained 115-180 mm (90-130% of normal) in its fields.



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