Moldova. Weather conditions were favorable for crop growth and development


Warmer-than-usual weather was observed in the country on July 2-8.

The average weekly air temperature was 0.5-1.5ºС above normal, at +20...+22.0ºС.

Precipitation occurred late in the week, being unevenly distributed over the country. Its rates totaled mostly 1-10 mm (5-55% of weekly normal), even 17-38 mm (100-250% of weekly normal) in some areas, mainly in the south. However, it was dry in spots.

The weather conditions during the week were mostly favorable for crop growth and development.

Winter crops were fully ripe. Large-scale grain harvesting has begun in the country. The conditions for this work were primarily favorable. 

Silking was observed in corn, even flowering of panicles and cobs had started in some fields. Leaf formation continued in corn crops of later seeding dates. Flowering and growth of heads continued in sunflower plants.

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