Moldova. Winter crops development is 3-4 weeks behind schedule


During October 10-16 weather pattern was colder than usual with abundant rains. Average daily air temperature was 2.5-4.5ºС lower than multiyear norms and fluctuated within +5..+8.5ºС. On October, 15 air frosts were observed with -1..-3ºС intensity.

Weekly precipitation amount was 40-105 mm, or 1-4 monthly norms. Weather conditions were mostly favorable for winter crops development. Winter wheat was at the stage of germination – emergence. Winter crops development is 3-4 weeks late compared to multiyear norms. Harvesting of corn is at the final stages in Moldova.

According to Agrarian Ministry of Moldova, farmers of the country obtained 1283 KMT of wheat in 2016, which was 39.1% higher than in 2015. Average wheat productivity reached 3.1 MT/ha, which was 15% higher than last year (2.7 MT/ha) and 19% higher than 5-year average – 2.6 MT/ha.

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