Moldova. Winter crops enjoyed mostly favorable conditions for survival


Colder than usual weather was observed in the country on January 22-28. The average weekly air temperature was at -5..-7ºС, or 1.5-4ºС below normal. The highest air temperature was registered at +2ºС. The lowest one was down at -23ºС that occurs there in January on average once per five years.

Mostly no precipitation was seen over the week, except for some northern areas that received 1-5 mm (10-65% of normal). Snow cover held on all over the country throughout the week. Toward the weekend, its height at weather stations equaled mainly 10-26 cm, locally 3-8 cm.

At the time, the soil was frozen mostly to a depth of 5-13 cm, locally to 15-20 cm.

Over the week, soil temperature at the tillering node depth of winter crops (3 cm) bottomed out at -1..-3ºС that is far above its critical level (-15ºС). The conditions were mainly favorable for survival of winter crops.




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