Nestle to cut more sugar in its products


Nestle will make further cuts to the amount of sugar in its products as it tries to improve the image of packaged foods in the eyes of health-conscious consumers.

It is reported by Reuters.

The company said it wanted to cut sugar by another 5 percent, on top of the more than 34 percent reduction achieved since 2000.

«The trend toward healthier foods is to be observed worldwide, — Chief Executive Mark Schneider told, — We are putting a lot of resources into this».

Nestle spent 1,72 billion Swiss francs ($1,71 billion) on R&D last year. Reformulating recipes to make its products healthier is part of Nestle’s effort to keep its products attractive for consumers.

This year it launched a new «Milkybar» white chocolate bar that has 30 percent less sugar. Nestle and its rivals are under pressure from a shift in consumer preferences toward healthier food and away from processed products such as instant noodles and frozen pizza.


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