New leaders in the market of lecithins/phosphatide concentrates


Production of phosphatide concentrates in Ukraine increases rapidly. A record some 18.5 KMT of them were produced in 2017 According to UkrAgroConsult forecasts, this record will be surpassed in 2018.

Only sunflower phosphatide concentrate was produced and exported in Ukraine before 2014, but now the country offers foreign buyers soybean and even rapeseed concentrates as well. This resulted in substantial changes in the production and export structure. The share of sunflower phosphatide concentrate reached 98-99% before, but it had shrunk to 91% by 2017.

In Ukraine, phosphatide concentrates are manufactured mostly by major crushing plants. Their production share started falling in 2014 and came to just 55% by 2017. 

The domestic market of phosphatide concentrates develops rapidly; the number of their manufacturers rises from year to year as new oilseed crushers (both big and small ones) turn to these products.

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