NIBULON continues modernizing its shipbuilding and repair yard


NIBULON says it continues implementing its large-scale investment project to modernize its own shipbuilding and repair yard with the support of the European Investment Bank.

Thus, reconstruction of a complex of molding workshops in order to arrange a fabrication workshop and a warehouse of ship equipment is being completed. General construction works in the workshop covering an area of more than 2,600 m2 are coming to an end. The specialists complete installing heating, ventilation, and supply systems. The preparatory works to pour self-leveling floor are being performed.

From September 1, the specialists start installation of cranes. In particular, there will be installed four radio controlled overhead cranes with the capacity of 10 tons each and modern welding equipment in the fabrication workshop. The capacity of the new workshop will enable the company to produce about 4,000 tons of metalware per year.

Putting of this workshop into operation will allow us to approach the main part of the reconstruction: construction of a new launching and lifting gear and the main complex of the hull shops.

The general construction works in the warehouse of ship equipment are being completed; it will be equipped with a radio controlled overhead crane with the capacity of 20 tons.  At present the specialists are performing preparatory works to install the façade of the building, roller shutters, as well as performing finishing works in the warehouseman's room.

In May 2017, NIBULON completed the first stage of NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard modernization. NIBULON has put the automated line for metal cleaning and priming and metal processing workshop with plasma cutting and gas cutting machines into operation as part of this stage. This high-tech foreign equipment meets the latest tendencies in shipbuilding and makes NIBULON a leader of the region by the level of equipment and shipbuilding facilities.


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