NIBULON starts 2017 with implementation of two shipbuilding projects

NIBULON says it started 2017 with implementation of two shipbuilding projects: three 121M (modernized) project tugs of 1 200 hp and three non-self-propelled B2000 project vessels.
The shipbuilders constructed five non-self-propelled B2000 project vessels for NIBULON’s shipping company last year. The new tugs (three units) will become a continuation (with some project improvements) of the implemented 121 project designed for operation on inland waterways of Ukraine.
The hull works of the first out of 3 tugs are being finished. In particular: welding of the forebody unit of the pressure-proof hull is being finished, the superstructure and pilot house are formed, pipes and equipment are being produced. In addition, the shipbuilders started to assemble the propulsion unit; at the same time they are preparing to assemble equipment of the engine room.  
As for the second vessel of the project, the bottom section was moved to the berth for keel-laying; production of units of the pressure-proof hull and items of mechanical and fitter area is being continued.  
The shipbuilders started to produce plates of the bottom sections as part of the construction process of the third vessel. 
The formation and testing of compartments in the afterbody on the sixth non-self-propelled B2000 project vessel are completed; the midsection is being produced.  
The shipbuilders finish assembling forepeak in the forebody. At the same time they are assembling pipelines, air conditioning system, and items of mechanical and fitter area (ladders, bollards, bitts, manholes). The specialists of painting area are painting outer plating.
Besides the current shipbuilding orders, there will be built twenty-four non-self-propelled vessels of modernized B4000 project, a self-propelled dredger, two multipurpose seagoing tugs of 3 500 hp and 5 000 hp, a non-self-propelled floating crane and other units at the shipbuilding yard during 2017-2022.

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