No issue with rice supply in Malaysia


Malaysia is not facing any issue with regards its rice supply, assured Agriculture and Agro-based Ministry’s Padi and Rice Industry Division secretary Shamsuddin Ismail.

He said the country produced 73 per cent of local rice and the rest was imported, based on a long-term contract.

“However, to ensure Malaysia’s food security remains intact, the government is conducting a holistic study relating to the country’s padi and rice management

“In making the best preparations, the government will get the view of the National Agriculture Advisory Council as well as other stakeholders.

“A thorough study is necessary because imported rice must be managed well so that there is no disruption in the country’s rice supply,” he said in a statement today.

Shamsuddin was commenting on recent news reports about Malaysia’s rice supply.

He said new planning and direction to manage the industry would also focus on several matters including stockpile management; subsidy and incentive management, quality and padi farmers welfare.


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