November Chinese DDGS imports rise 66% on month: customs center


Chinese imports of dried distillers grains rose 66%, or 2.33 million kg, month on month in November to 5.86 million kg, according to data released Wednesday by the Chinese Customs Information Center in Hong Kong.

Chinese DDGS imports also declined 96.41%, or 2.61 billion kg, compared with November 2016, the data show.

Almost all of the imports came from the US. The remainder, 74,500 kg, came from Thailand and Vietnam.

The US DDGS exports to China in November were worth $1.125 million, according to the customs center. Thus far in 2017, China imported $66.17 million worth of DDGS.

In the first 11 months of 2016, China imported 3 billion kg of DDGS worth $671.47 million.

US DDGS represent 99.72% of all DDGS imports into China so far in 2017.

China in recent years has been the largest buyer of US DDGS. But stiff tariffs imposed by China's commerce ministry in 2016 have drastically reduced the amount of US DDGS imported into the country


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