On the “lentil boom” in Kazakhstan


The “lentil boom” in Kazakhstan started not so long ago. It is the last two years which witness sharp growth of Kazakh farmers’ interest in this crop.

This interest emerged for good reason. Lentil is comparatively easy to cultivate and the agroclimatic conditions in Kazakhstan suite it fine. Despite its low yields (for instance, compared with peas), lentil remains quite a profitable crop for Kazakh farmers. In fact, this is why they expand lentil planted acreage. In addition, proximity of key end markets along with weak competition just “warms up” the lentil market in Kazakhstan.

In 2016 lentils replaced the traditional peas as the country’s main pulse crop. This happened even though pea acreage increased, too. This year, lentil’s share in pulse plantings reached 73% against 22% seeded to peas.

In the last two seasons Kazakhstan managed to export over 70% of its lentil crop. Meanwhile, aggravating competition in the market of pulses, including lentil, may curb or slow down further expansion of plantings, including those in Kazakhstan, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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