Over the years of Ukraine’s independence the number of pigs has decreased three times – expert


By 2018, in Ukraine the number of pigs decreased by approximately three times. To maintain the desired level of livestock, have to be imported into the country of imported genetic material.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the head of the Association “the Pig producers of Ukraine” Artur Loza.

“Ukraine was once more than 21 million pigs, now — a little over six million, in the three and a half times we fell in livestock. Previously, there was a high enough efficiency, but has been developed tribal infrastructure. In recent years it’s all been virtually destroyed, breeding pigs disappeared as a system,” he said.

According to A. Vines, today the cost of pork production is also on the cost of importing genetic material for breeding pigs.

“The cost of production depends on a number of factors, in particular on feed conversion of animals and the intensity of pork production. A number of factors that in turn depend on the genetic material and the level of implementation of the genetic potential of animals, create the conditions in which the animal can Express its genetic potential. In recent years Ukraine has to import genetic material for growing pork. After the delivery of genetic material to adapt. We import usually from Denmark, Germany, Ireland, France,” – said the expert.

The head of the Association “the Pig producers of Ukraine” adding that there is no possibility to avoid the importation of genetic material for breeding pigs.

“Now in Ukraine high productive pigs there. And in the last years of Ukraine’s independence, the world has gone far ahead to catch up with it’s breeding methods it is almost impossible, so that we can compete with the best producers, is the most simple way: import of genetic resources and on the basis of which (pedigree, purebred pigs) have the ability to form in Ukraine the breeding system. In principle, it has already started to form. Ukrainian pig producers are collaborating with the European and global genetic companies, Topigs, Hypor, DanBred, and so on. In the genetic pig production system is very complex, it is based on hybridization, and has multiple stages of hybridization with the use of special analytical systems, there is, in particular, the so-called BLUP mass analysis to identify the best specimens,” he explained.

Recall that for 2017 the pork in Ukraine increased by 40%.


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