Pakistan. Prices of vegetables, pulses, other items register rise


A huge surge in prices of vegetable, pulses, and other essential food commodities was witnessed during the preceding week, as compared to last week, according to survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday.

Consumers complained that prices have increased by manifold during couple days, leaving no option to them but purchased commodities on high rates. They also said the city district government literally failed to keep check of rising rates of daily kitchen items.

A one-kilogram tomato being sold at Rs 100/- in market, which is most use kitchen item. The Shopkeepers in local vegetable market said the local supply of tomato has decreased substantially due to which the commodity export from neighbouring Afghanistan, that being available at high rate to consumer. They hoped that the price of tomato would go down in coming days.

Similarly, price of garlic is costlier, as available at Rs 400/- per kilogram in retail market. Ginger being sold at Rs 160/- per kg, while onion comparatively available at modus rate of Rs 30/- per kg. Whereas, green chili being available at Rs 120/- per kg. One kilogram lemon is being sold at Rs 120 in retail market. Likewise, other veggies are available at high-rate in retail market as cabbage being sold at Rs 200/- per kilogram, cauliflower at Rs 100/- per kg, potato at Rs 70-40/- per kg, shimla mirch at Rs 100/- per kg, arvi at Rs 80/- per kg, calabash being sold at Rs 100 per kg, ladyfinger at Rs 60 per kg, tinda at Rs 80 per kg.

According to survey, price of Dal mash and White big channa is costlier in market, as available at Rs 280 and Rs 210 per kilogram in retail market, respectively. The survey further noticed that a good quality rice being sold at Rs 100 per kilogram, Dal masoor Rs 160 per kg, Dal channa Rs 160 per kilogram, white lobiya at Rs 120 per kg, red bean being sold at Rs 120 per kg, moonge at Rs 150 per kg. One kilogram sugar is being sold at Rs 70 in retail market.

Price all range and varieties of cooking oil/ghee are still remained high-side, as available within range of Rs 120, Rs 170 and Rs 180 in retail market.

Butchers have also sharpen their knives and started charging buyers with manifold rates of meat, as one-kilogram cow meat is being sold at Rs 340 against the official price of Rs 240. But, the authorities have failed to implement its rates. Similarly, mutton is being sold at Rs 650 and Rs 700 per kg in retail. Chicken is being sold at Rs 133 per kilogram, while live chicken available within range of Rs 250-280 in retail market.

Price of all fruits are stable in the retail market. Apple is being sold at Rs 80-100 per kilogram, mango available at Rs 50-80 per kg, melon at Rs 30 per kg, banana at Rs 40-50 per dozen, water melon at Rs100 and Rs 120 per piece.

According to survey, a 20-kg bag of mix flour available at Rs 720, while bag of fine atta, weighting (20-kg) being sold at Rs 780 and Rs 800 in retail.

Fresh milk sold at Rs 90 and Rs 100 per litre, yogurt at Rs 100 per kg, - while price of milk powder of various brands and quality has also risen in the retail market. One kilogram fresh yogurt available at Rs 90 and Rs 100/.


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