Pakistan. Wheat to be sown over 0.5 million acres of land in Sialkot


Over 5.10 lakh acres of land would be brought under wheat crop during Rabi crop season in Sialkot district. Sources in Agriculture department told Business Recorder on Thursday on that in order to attain the fixed target of wheat crop, the Agriculture department has finalised necessary arrangements in the district.

The Agriculture department would provide full assistance and guidance to the wheat growers for attaining better output of the crop and enhancing the wheat crop acreage in the Province. Under the programme special attention will be accorded on bringing maximum land under wheat crop for attaining yielding results. The Agriculture department had initiated special training programme for wheat growers for creating awareness about the proportionate use of fertilisers for getting better yield of the crop, natural cultivation techniques and irrigation.

The Agriculture department has initiated "Farmers Training Programme" under which wheat growers of 1431 villages of Sialkot district imparted training about latest wheat production techniques, utilization fertilizer and pesticide aimed at attaining maximum per acre wheat yield in four tehsils of the district while Agriculture experts were visiting village to village for creating awareness about obtaining maximum output of the crop. The tehsil wise break of wheat cultivation is 1.44 lac Sialkot, 1.23 lac Daska, 71000 Sambrial and 1.63 Pasrur tehsil of the district.

Special step has also been taken for checking the sale of fake and substandard pesticides and fertilizer in Sialkot, Daska, Sambril and Pasrur tehsils of the district and Sialkot district administration has adopted solid measures for ensuring the provision of quality pesticides and fertilisers to the wheat growers in the district sources added. Meanwhile, the sowing of wheat crop is in full swing in Sialkot, Daska, Pasrur and Sambrial tehsils of Sialkot district. The agriculture department has directed the wheat growers that they should only recommended seeds for attaining better per acre yield of the crop.


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