Pea exports from Ukraine doubled in 2016/17 season


Ukrainian pea exports hit a high in the closed 2016/17 season. Ukraine exported 44.2 KMT of peas in June 2017, or three times more than in June 2016 (14.4 KMT).

In total, 486.5 KMT of peas went abroad from Ukraine in MY 2016/17, i.e. their exports doubled from last season (242.5 KMT in MY 2015/16).

India and Pakistan remain the top end markets for Ukrainian peas with a rise in their purchases. In the period under review, India imported 167.3 KMT of peas from Ukraine, or 59% more than it purchased for the whole last season (105.1 KMT). Pakistan doubled pea imports from Ukraine to 75.7 KMT against 36.8 KMT in MY 2015/16.

The current season featured active growth of shipments to the Turkish market, too. 61.2 KMT was exported to Turkey at the time against 2 KMT last season. Also, Bangladesh increased pea imports from Ukraine almost threefold to 27.6 KMT.

Overall, Ukraine has considerably diversified the end markets for its peas this season: their number has grown to 100 nations against 74 a year ago. As a reminder, the new destinations opened this season include African countries such as Sudan, Algeria, Mozambique, Sierra-Leone and others.

More details about the pea market’s trends and development prospects are available in UkrAgroConsult’s new study “Peas: a golden niche?”



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