Philippine 2017 livestock production up by 2.7%


The Philippine livestock output for 2017 went up by 2.7 % to 5.09 million tonnes (MMT) in 2017, against 2016’s 4.95 million tonnes, on the back of higher hog and poultry production. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) hog output reached a record high at 2.265 million tonnes, 1.52% higher than the 2.231 million tonnes registered in 2016. It also accounted for the bulk of livestock production at 44.45%. 

The PSA data also showed chicken production, which accounted for 34.28 % of total livestock output, expanded by 4.24% in 2017 to 1.745 million tonnes over 2016. PSA officials say the increased chicken production was unexpected due to the bird flu outbreak in August.


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