Philippines should look at bilateral and regional trade agreements

Following the US’ withdrawal from the TPP, the Philippines is on a wait-and-see attitude as to its effects on local industries. However, Edwin Chen, President of the Pork Producers Federation of the Philippines, told Asian Agribiz that the US decision is “a major shift from free trade to protectionist policies, so definitely this would have an effect.” Meanwhile, Imelda Madarang, CEO of Fisher Farms Inc, which exports processed seafood products to the US among others, told Asian Agribiz that the Philippines should look at bilateral and trade agreements that are more relevant and suited to its situation. 
“There seems to be a changing perspective on multilateral trade agreements which to some is still dominated by big economies and therefore still not fair and laden with vested interests.” The real issue, she pointed out, is competitiveness. “A good product is a good product. We have to work doubly hard to achieve efficiencies and maintain quality to be really competitive.”

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