PHL asks Thailand and Vietnam to resubmit rice supply offers


Thailand and Vietnam failed to comply with the National Food Authority’s (NFA) reference price in the importation of 250,000 metric tons of rice, prompting the NFA to ask for a resubmission of offers.

The NFA conducted a bidding Friday morning for a government-to-government procurement of rice to replenish its buffer stock.

Thailand and Vietnam were the only two countries in the bidding that was conducted openly, with representatives from various government offices present.

The media was allowed to cover the event.

“We want to show to the public that all aspects of this bidding are transparent and in accordance with the law,” Deputy Administrator Judy Carol Dansal, chairperson of the Special Bids and Awards Committee said.

Dansal said government-to-government procurement is the fastest way to import rice.

The bids of Thailand and Vietnam were opened in public.

Although the two countries were able to comply with the documentary requirements, both failed to meet the NFA’s reference price.

For the 15 percent brokens category, in which up to 15 percent of the rice has been broken into two or more pieces during the milling process, the reference price was set at $483.63 per metric ton (MT) while the 25 percent brokens was set at $474.18 per MT. The NFA said the prices were based on world market rates.

Thailand did not make an offer for 15 percent brokens, but its offer of $530 per MT for 25 percent brokens was above the reference price.

Vietnam offered to supply 58,000 MT of 15 percent brokens at $540 per metric ton. For the 25 percent brokens, its offer was $532. Both offers also exceeded the reference price.

The NFA gave Thailand and Vietnam until 3:00 p.m. Friday to come up with their revised offers.

As of 11:48 a.m, Thailand submitted a new offer which not yet been opened.

No new offer has yet been received from Vietnam as of this posting.


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