PHL sugar output hits 600,316 MT


The country’s sugar production as of January 1 has reached 600,316 metric tons (MT), or 26.68 percent of the target for the current crop year, according to the latest report from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA).

SRA data, however, showed that the figure is 24.12 percent lower than the 791,161 MT produced in the same period last year. The agency attached to the Department of Agriculture (DA) did not indicate the reason behind the decline in output in its report.

As of January 1, SRA data showed that withdrawals of “B” raw sugar—or those for domestic consumption—have reached 465,553 MT. The figure is 6.78 percent lower than the 499,413 MT recorded a year ago.

Withdrawals of refined sugar during the period amounted to 246,577 MT, lower than the 298,498 MT recorded in 2016, according to SRA data.

As of January 1, refined sugar production declined by 36.13 percent to 170,032 MT, from the 266,225 MT produced last year.

The production of raw and refined molasses declined by 17.22 percent year-on-year, SRA said. As of January 1, raw and refined molasses output reached 255,818 MT, lower than 309,039 MT recorded a year ago.

Philippine sugar output for the current crop year (CY) ending August 31 is expected to reach 2.25 million metric tons (MMT), slightly higher than the 2.24 MMT recorded in CY 2015-2016.

Of the projected sugar output, 8 percent, or about 180,000 MT, will be exported to the US under the tariff rate quota scheme.

The remaining 2.07 MMT were allocated for local consumption. However, SRA estimated that domestic demand for the current crop year would reach 2.15 MMT.

The shortfall, projected at 800,000 MT, will filled by imported sugar, according to SRA.

Figures from the agency showed that there were 27 operational sugar mills and 14 sugar refineries in CY 2015-2016. Out of the 27 sugar mills, one producing muscovado is registered with the SRA.

SRA noted that the highest sugar output of the Philippines was recorded in CY 2012-2013 at 2.465 MMT.

The lowest was in CY 1986-1987, when output reached only 1.33 MMT.


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