Planting of spring barley started in Kazakhstan


Air temperature went up in the south and south-east of Kazakhstan from April 1-10. This was favorable for the resumption of growth and further development of winter crops.

Winter wheat is mostly in good and excellent condition. Its plants are at the stages of emergence to tillering. The total number of stalks reaches 200 to 600 per sq. m with the tillering rate varying from 1.4 to 2.7 stalks per plant.

Planting of spring barley started in the southern regions, reports UkrAgroConsult. Early-sown spring barley is at the germination stage. Farmers in Kyzylorda region continue sowing of spring wheat.

In South Kazakhstan, spring spiked cereals have been planted on an area of 170 Th ha (40% of the projected 420.9 Th ha) and oil crops on 77.7 Th ha (23.0% of the 338.5 Th ha).

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