"Policy and the European oilseeds complex: the impact of biodiesel and GMO regulations" was the presentation of Dr. Julian McGill – analyst in LMC International, United Kingdom


Dr. Julian McGill is an economist in LMC International. He graduated from Oxford University with Ph.D. in economic history. Specializes in the research of oil markets.

In his presentation, Dr. McGill addressed the issues relating to EU policy, as well as the general situation of oilseeds market in EU and Ukraine.

In recent years, the demand for vegetable oils in EU as a product for biofuels was satisfied by rapeseed oil. This has led to an increased demand for sunflower seeds in the market of edible oils. The main suppliers of sunflower oil to EU are Ukraine and Russia.

The speaker noted that the recent changes in EU policy regarding the regulation of applications  of crop for the production of renewable energy sources have questioned the continued growth of demand for these crops. At the same time, the negative attitude of consumers towards GM-crops promotes the separation of the market of edible oils.



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