Polish chicken production to continue booming


Broiler meat production in Poland, the EU's top producer, will continue to rally next year, thanks to rising production and export demand, US officials said.

Poultry-mean production will rise by some 15%, to 2.74m tonnes in 2016, the US Department of Agriculture's Beijing Bureau said, and will be up a further 7% over the first half of 2017, the bureau said.

 "The increase of production stems from growing domestic consumption, as consumers substitute beef with poultry which is perceived as healthier and cheaper meat, and increasing exports mainly to other EU member states," the bureau said.

Higher production and exports

"A low level of prices for compound feeds and continuing demand for exports are expected to stimulate poultry meat production in 2016".

The bureau ascribed the somewhat slower rate of increase in the first half of 2017 to "the reduction of prices for poultry meat on the domestic market and declining export demand production for poultry meat".

Exports out of EU to grow

"Although the majority of poultry meat exports are directed to the internal EU market the industry and the Polish government are trying to open new markets including obtaining eligibility to export to the United States," the bureau said.

"It is expected that exports will grow in 2016 because of continued demand from the EU and Asian markets."

Poland's main non-EU destinations for poultry exports are Hong Kong, China and The Republic of the Congo.


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