Preliminary results of the oilseed harvest in Ukraine


According to official data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on the preliminary results of 2017 oilseed production, the sunseed crop totaled 12.17 MMT with a yield of 2.01 MT/ha. The decline in sunseed production (-10.7%) stemmed rather from a yield drop to 2.01 MT/ha (-10.3%) than from a planted acreage decrease to 6.047 Ml ha (-0.7%), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Soybean production also fell against the previous year, by 9% to 3.89 MMT. The 2017 expansion of planted acreage by 6.3% to 1.976 Ml ha was offset by a considerable yield drop to 1.97 MT/ha (-14.3%).

The total crop of rapeseed almost doubled to 2.195 MMT, as its plantings had expanded to 0.786 Ml ha (+6.3%) and its yield increased 8.6% to 2.79 MT/ha.



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