Price of pork in Bali escalates


With the Galungan religious festival in Bali, Indonesia on this month, demand for pigs has doubled. As a result, the price of pork has increased to USD 4.11/kg. I Ketut Harisuyasa, Chairman of the Bali Pig Farmers Association (Gupbi), said at farm level, the price of live pigs has increased to USD 2.26 per kg.

He observed that this price increase was not only because of demand ahead of Galungan, but also because of higher mortality of piglets and slow growth during the fattening period. “Now, AGPs cannot be added to feed. This has affected pigs we raise, especially piglets,” he said. “On the other hand, the increasing price of live pigs also doesn’t offer good margins for us since the price of feed and corn are also high.”


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