Problem of banned Ukrainian meal imports to Belarus is greatly exaggerated


Belarus has always faced a shortage of vegoils and protein. Rapeseed, being the protein oil crop most adapted to the country’s soil and climate conditions, is purposed to at least minimize this problem, if not solve it.

Unfortunately, the last two seasons have fallen short of Belarusian growers’ expectations, and the 2016/17 harvest hit an eight-year low of 260 KMT (official information of the National Statistics Committee of the Republic of Belarus). Apart from a harvest acreage decrease because of poor winter survival of rape, farmers were also disappointed with its yield’s drop to a five-year low, UkrAgroConsult notes.

As a reminder, Ukraine, Russia and Argentina have been filling meal shortages in the Belarusian market for many years, and it is Ukraine that supplies the largest amount of oilseed feeds. But it’s not all that simple in the trading relationship between the two countries.

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