Rains in Russia complicate harvest and reduce crop prospects


Warm weather dominated the North-Western, Central and Volga federal districts between September 10-20. Mild frost events 12 (-2…-1°C) were registered in some parts of Orenburg region and Bashkortostan on September, but they posed no threat to crops. Rainfalls were seen almost everywhere during 2-3 days. They were most frequent (locally up to 8 days) and heaviest (up to 30-50 mm and higher) in the North-Western federal district and in the northern half of the Volga and Central districts.

Harvesting of cereals, rapeseed, soybeans and flax continued in most regions of the above districts. The conditions for this work were primarily fair, but rain and high air humidity made them unfavorable and poor on almost half of the days in the period under review. Farmers were forced to stop operation in some areas because of too wet soil, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to Ag Ministry officials, the harvest is advancing in hard conditions in those regions. A similar situation is reported in Siberia. In addition, snow is forecast to fall shortly – this may still aggravate the situation. The adverse conditions have already affected the corn crop, the Ag Ministry reports. Insufficient heat supply has caused a drop in yields. The Ag Ministry forecasts this year’s corn crop to be 2 MMT lower than last year.

Hot, mostly dry weather persisted in the Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts. It was favorable for harvesting. Almost no precipitation was registered. Winter cereals for the 2018 harvest were sown in some areas. The agrometeorological conditions were primarily unfavorable for emergence of winter crops. Due to hot weather and a long absence of precipitation, topsoil moisture content in winter crops and in areas intended for them has decreased to insufficient levels, even to poor in part of the fields.

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