Rapeseed importers coming back to the Ukrainian market


Ukraine exported 511.2 KMT of rapeseed in August 2017/18 against 124.3 KMT a month earlier. This year’s August exports are still more than twice as high as in the same month last year (221.8 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

They were maintained at a nearly record pace due to active harvesting, high yields and expanded supply of this oil crop. 635.5 KMT was exported in the two months of the new season that is a three-year high and also more than twice as much as at the same time last year (283.1 KMT).

Rapeseed sales to EU countries intensified early this season (441 KMT against 269 KMT a year earlier). The European destination absorbed more than 70% of total rapeseed exports from Ukraine. Pakistan, having resumed imports of Ukrainian rapeseed, seized a 28% share in our country’s foreign trade in this commodity. In addition, Malaysia and Indonesia also restarted rapeseed purchases from Ukraine.



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