Rapeseed meal exports from Ukraine almost halved this season


Rapeseed meal exports totaled 6.7 KMT in November 2016 against 5.6 KMT in October 2016 and 6.8 KMT in November 2015. Altogether, 66.4 KMT of this product was shipped to foreign markets in season 2016/17 (July-November), or almost half as much as at the same time last year (121.3 KMT). Taking into account that about 70% of rapeseed meal export availabilities are shipped abroad in the first months of season, no rise in exports can be expected in the remainder of the marketing year, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Although European countries absorb over 68% of total rapeseed meal exports from Ukraine, the shipments were more than halved year-on-year to 45.5 KMT against 98.2 KMT in the same period last season. A similar trend is observed in trade with Israel. Its purchases of the Ukrainian product fell from 23 KMT in MY 2015/16 to 10.5 KMT in MY 2016/17 (16% of total exports). Other top importers of rapeseed meal remain Morocco (8% or 5.3 KMT) and Belarus (7% or 4.6 KMT).



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