Record volume for Fruit & Vegetable production in India


The Indian Ministry of Agriculture forecasts a record volume for Fruit & Vegetable production, with 287 million tonnes for 2016-17.
The 2016-17 production will total the largest volume ever reached with 287.3 million tons, just over one million tons from the previous year (286.2 million tons). These record crops, together with the demonetization problems experienced by the country, have led to a net decrease in prices.
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, for 2016-17 fruit production will total 91.7 million tons and vegetable production 168.6 million tons. Among the main vegetables, potato production is expected to reach 43.8 million tonnes, tomatoes 18.9 million tonnes. By contrast, onion production is estimated at 19.7 million tonnes (-1 million tonnes).
Covered areas cover 24.4 million hectares for production 2016-17 (24.5 million the previous season). Among the Indian states Uttar Pradesh is leading with an estimated production of 37 million tons, followed by West Bengal with 27.5 million tons, Gujarat 23.4 million tons, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra (20.7 million tons). Tons).


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