Record wheat harvest leads to a shortage of places to store it


It's a wheat harvest that exceeded many expectations.

Pride AG Resources CEO, Jerald Kemmerer says farmers in western Kansas are still bringing in wheat for storage by the truckload,

"We have 15 locations and we still have two thirds of them that are still receiving grain today."

Kemmerer said the high moisture levels are just part of the reason for the 41% increase from last year's crop, but the high wheat yield means grain elevators statewide are struggling to find places to store it.

Although Kemmerer said the Pride AG elevators still have storage space, others don't, and are having to store the wheat bushels on the ground temporarily, "We were able to move grain from one location to the next to keep it from going on the ground."

With fall wheat harvest quickly approaching, Kemmerer said it's likely they'll run out of room too, "It's been a longer than normal harvest by far, and we're forty-five days away from fall harvest so there's going to be a scramble."

The grain will be stored and covered on the ground for a limited period of time, before it is moved when the space becomes available.



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