Refined rapeseed oil production started in Ukraine


Oliyar Company has launched production of refined rape oil on facilities in the village of Stavchany (Lviv region). This operation is unique to Ukraine. Roughly 500 MT of this product has been made since the launch, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Existing facilities of the refining unit, which had worked on sunseed since their startup (2005), were engaged in the refined rape oil manufacture. The refining line’s total capacity is 350 MT/day, while its rape oil refining capacity is estimated at 250 MT/day.

The company can ship the finished product both in package and in bulk. The lion’s share of produced refined rape oil will be exported to EU countries (Poland, the Czech Republic etc.), where this product is popular and widely used by consumers. In addition, the commodity will be offered in the domestic market, too.

Noteworthy is that Oliyar is now the only company in Ukraine that has mastered production of refined rape oil. Its oil extraction plant is capable of processing sunseed, rapeseed and soybeans.

Further prospects of the Black Sea oilseeds/vegoils market will be discussed at the V International Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade”, which will take place on September 19, 2017 in Hilton hotel, Kiev, Ukraine.



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